Magical Granada

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There are few cities on earth like it. Granada -  fascinating and rich in history with the pride and experience of an old sage. Having survived the ages, the various conquests and wars, having been under Roman, Muslim and Catholic rule, maintaining its warm and silent beauty is nothing short of a miracle.

There is something deeply moving about this city that will invigorate the senses with all its intricate detail - its narrow, cobbled streets, warm friendly people, and bustling activity. Granada can be experienced once or many, many times. There is a multitude of treasures to explore here. As a gathering place for scholars, artists and poets, Granada continually reinvents itself to integrate the new with its Moorish roots and its Catholic past - all set within its contemporary Spanish cultural backdrop.

Take in the sights...the Alhambra, the Albayzin, the Arab Quarter, Sacromonte, the Cathedral. Savour the wide range of culinary delights (the free tapas culture, North African kebabs and tea houses, to name just a few) and make sure you take some time to digest it all from the Mirador de San Nicolas, in quiet reflection at the Mosque, or while relaxing in the pool at the Arabic baths. found here. There are many parks and sidewalk cafes for rest and relaxation. Like in other parts of the Mediterranean, the people here are welcoming and social. They can be seen during lunch or after work at one of the many, many tapas bars, where guests often spill onto the streets and town squares.

Come and explore the magic of Granada!

The Alhambra Palace

Set in a sea of emerald green forest and framed by the Sierra Nevada mountains, it is one of the most magnificent palaces ever built.

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Arabic Baths

Relax, unwind and let the sights and sounds of the traditional Hammam sink in as you soak up a bit of history while experiencing the beauty and serenity of the local Arabic baths.

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Starting at Plaza Nueva, the Grenadine Old Town climbs the hill opposite the Alhambra Palace. The maze of leafy narrow passageways opens up into small town squares brimming with life.

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Sacromonte today is the traditional Gitano or Gypsy Quarter. Come to experience the views of Sacromonte on foot by day or in the flamenco bars by night - not to be missed!

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For intense passion and poise, the best Flamenco touches the heart and uplifts the soul. Full of powerful combinations of expressive dance, fervent guitar playing and emotive song.

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Discover Granada's favorite food which comes free with just about every beverage you buy!

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What's On

Find out about events and exhibitions running in and around our Arts Hotel.

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Understated Elegance and Comfort

A short walk from Plaza Nueva and the Alhambra.