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Our blog is a resource where our staff share their knowledge, expertise and opinions for everyone visiting Granada. We hope to create a strong community around this blog with visitors commenting and discussing published material and perhaps even become contributors themselves.

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The Granada Art Scene

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Granada has a vibrant art scene. Walk through any part of the city and you will come across markets selling art, hidden shops and galleries and art museums and institutions exhibiting art. Perhaps more surprisingly much of Granada’s art also can be found in the streets themselves.

Markets in Granada

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Granada’s warm weather and its hidden squares and ancient terraces all lend themselves to open markets with clusters of stalls selling anything from fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, to artisanal gifts and souvenirs. Take a little time to browse and barter with the locals, or find a nearby café and take in the atmosphere!

Exploring Andalucía’s Golden Triangle

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If you don’t know where to start when planning a trip to Andalucía, why not visit the Golden Triangle of Granada, Seville and Córdoba and take in the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains and the beautiful coastline along the way.

Granada Nightlife

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Granada is a beautiful Spanish city offering excellent food, wine and architecture in a stunning landscape. With its rich cultural history, there are lots of things to see and do, but when the sun begins to disappear behind the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the heat of the day subsides, this is when nightlife in Granada really comes into its own.

Wedding in Granada: marry us!!

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There is no doubt that Granada is a beautiful city so we are not surprised that many couples decide to get married here. On one hand we can found couples in which one or two of them were born in Granada and live here or away. In this case, despite the fact that a great part of the family and friends have to travel, look for accommodation and buy expensive flights tickets because they must travel on a specific date, we can assure that getting married in Granada is worth it.

Olla de San Antón

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In January 17th, just when we tried to follow a diet after Christmas excesses, we celebrate San Anton’s day in Granada dedicate to Saint Anthony the Abbot, patron and protector of animals and shepherds. During these days, it is customary to taste a dish called “Olla de San Anton” (San Anton’s pot) which is delicious but it is recommended nevertheless for brave people only.

New Year's eve in Granada

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The Twelve Grapes to the chimes of the Clock at midnight on New Years Eve has been a Spanish tradition since 1909. In December that year, some vinegrowers from the Alicante area came up with "The 12 Grapes" as an idea to sell huge amounts of grapes from an excellent harvest.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Granada

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Vegetarianism consists on voluntary non-consumption of the flesh of any animal and also animal derivatives such as milk or eggs. It has its origins in the civilizations of ancient India and ancient Greece and its practice was connected with the philosophical and religious principle of non-violence towards animals. Nowadays, vegetarianism is spreading in most of countries, especially among young people. Granada, as a cosmopolitan city where people of many ethnicities, religions and cultures meet and live in close proximity, counts on a large selection of restaurants offering vegetarian food.

Gastronomy in Granada

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When we visit a city, we are interested in knowing everything about culture and traditions. Monuments, churches and museums are very important and sometimes, some of them are a must as happens in Granada. If you come to Granada for the first time, you have to visit the Alhambra. But there is a less formal side in the culture of a city which allows us to understand its cultural richness and its people’s personality. This aspect is Gastronomy. Through Gastronomy we can discover how the city is influenced by other people, religion or even wheather.

Squares in Granada

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It is known that Alhambra, Albayzin, Sacromonte, etc are a must in Granada, but what is about the squares of Granada? Squares are a meeting point for local people and visitors. The favorite square for tourists is Plaza Nueva which is the starting point to the Albayzin. This square is full of bars and restaurants for all tastes, musicians and artists. There, you can catch the bus to get to the Albayzin also, or take a taxi to get to the airport, bus station or train station.

Generalife Suite

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The trip to Granada of the writer from Huelva Juan Ramon Jimenez with his wife Zenobia arose from his friendship with Federico Garcia Lorca and it supposed a deep experience that it would reflect on his Literature.

Recommendations to enjoy the Alhambra

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Alhambra is the main attraction of Granada and one of the most visited Spanish monuments. The charm of this monument built along six centuries seduces its visitor with the great beauty of its gardens and palaces. There is nothing more exciting than enjoying its rooms’ colors and light as well as the amazing views of the Albaizin, Sacromonte and Granada meadow from the hill of La Sabika where Alhambra is located.

Summer in Granada

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The city of Granada offers different leisure plans during the whole year and also in summer. Flamenco shows, outdoors cinemas, night tours and visits and public swimming pools. So, do not stay at home and enjoy Granada in summer. Here you have our recommendations.

Flamenco shows in Granada

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If you want to see an authentic flamenco show, Granada is the perfect city. You can choose among a show in one of the Sacomonte’s zambras, having dinner in one of the restaurants with flamenco show or visiting one of the charming places that offer flamenco in the Albayzin.