Cakes in Easter

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Cakes in Easter

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Easter is certainly one of our most popular customs outside our borders, but this tradition goes far beyond religious beliefs. Easter means that Spanish kitchens are filled with homemade sweets such as “torrijas”. There are many recipes and different ways to make them: with wine and honey or milk and this one is what we want to show today

Recipe for about 10 servings.


750 grams of bread for “torrijas”, if not found, just a regular baguette of the previous day.
1 liter of milk
200 grams of sugar
Cinnamon stick
3 Eggs
Olive oil

How to prepare them:

Cut bread into thick slices about two inches.  Pour a liter of milk (at room temperature) into a bowl with 50 grams of sugar and cinnamon (a couple of sticks). Beat the eggs. Dip the bread in milk and then in the beaten eggs. Fry each slice in oil. Place the slices on a plate with paper towels to loosen the excess oil. Mix in a bowl the remaining sugar with two teaspoons of cinnamon. Roll the slices in cinnamon and sugar. And they are ready! It is better to wait for them to cool completely but if you cannot wait, they are delicious anyway.