Parks and Gardens in Granada

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Parks and Gardens in Granada

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Granada is a city of lovely parks and gardens. Highlighted below are the four basic types: jardín real or royal garden; Carmen or villa; patio or courtyard; cueva or cave. 

The first type includes the Alhambra and Generalife. Both have geometrically designed gardens with numerous fountains and pools surrounded by lovely flower beds. Fruit-bearing trees abound, and the flowers invade every nook and cranny with colour and aroma.
A Carmen is generally a private villa on a small plot of land. Interspersed, we usually find fountains and terraces at different levels, with greenery that is occasionally purely ornamental and at other times produces shade and tranquil retreats. Balconies are adorned and the courtyards entice the visitor to rest amidst their silence. The Cipreses and the Purificación are two of the loveliest ones.

When we use the term patio or courtyard, we are referring here to the ones in a convent or monastery. Although they may be small, they can be especially charming. Some have fruit trees bearing flowers and myriads of different plants. Two of the most famous ones are the courtyards of the Monastery of San Jerónimo and the Monastery of Santa Isabel La Real.
Last but not least, we have the cueva or cave. Some of these humble, whitewashed dwellings are surrounded by eye-catching gardens maintained with great pride by their owners.