Wedding in Granada: marry us!!

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Wedding in Granada: marry us!!

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There is no doubt that Granada is a beautiful city so we are not surprised that many couples decide to get married here. On one hand we can found couples in which one or two of them were born in Granada and live here or away. In this case, despite the fact that a great part of the family and friends have to travel, look for accommodation and buy expensive flights tickets because they must travel on a specific date, we can assure that getting married in Granada is worth it. On the other hand, there are some people who spent their university life in here and love the environment, people and decide to look for an excuse to come back. This is a less usual situation and happens normally among those who were Erasmus or exchange- program students.

There is a tradition in which the bride should get married in her birth of place but nowadays, this is complicated because it is easier to organize a wedding in the place where bride and groom work. So if the bride was born in another province and work in Granada, she will know her fiancé in Granada, his family will live here also as well as most of their friends, so they will usually decide to get married here.

At a first moment, it will be just a logistical question but after they will realize that there is a hidden reason: Granada is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate a wedding. And after some month of organizing the big day, they will notice that Granada, besides being a wonderful city is relatively cheap if we compare it with other Spanish cities.


In Granada, all kind of weddings suitable for all kind of pockets can take place: urban weddings with views of the Alhambra or the valley. Rural weddings, weddings celebrated in a palace, or in a cave; religious and civil weddings, etc. And furthermore, Granada is not a big city so the expenses in transport are considerably reduced, in fact, sometimes the guests can walk or make a short trip by taxi from the church to the banquet place.

One of the favorite places to get married in Granada is the Albayzin. Many couples choose the Church of Santa Ana in Plaza Nueva or the church of San Pedro y San Pablo in Carrera del Darro and after the religious ceremony, they celebrate the banquet in Palacio de los Cordova, in Carmen de los Chapiteles or in La Chumbera. All these places offer a unique environment, with the Alhambra as the main witness of nuptials. But, what happens with the guests? Where can they be allocated? And where do bride and groom stay on their wedding night?

Our hotel, El Ladron de Agua is located between the Church of San Pedro and Santa Ana’s that is why many couples decide to offer our rooms to their guests. However there are many more couples who decide to book our Suite Generalife to spend the wedding night or before the wedding to get dressed, to make a photographic report, and go from here to the church


We feel proud of having one of the best Suite rooms in Granada. It is our Generalife Suite. From its windows you can enjoy the fabulous views of the Alhambra, the Darro River and Plaza Nueva. It has enough space for bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, photographer, etc.

Who has not dreamed of waking up next to your love while you see the Alhambra from your bed? Good! Your dream can be true with us.

We are very romantic at El Ladron de Agua hotel and we love couples came to stay on their night weeding at our hotel that is why we want to offer many gifts to our just married.



- For the wedding guests:

  • Bride and groom will be able to make a previous reservation of rooms for their guests until a specific date. There is no need to prepay or provide credit card details initially. After that, guests can call to the hotel in order to formalize the reservation. That way, bride and groom have to worry about nothing. We will inform the guests about the hotel, location of the church, restaurants, we can also arrange taxis for them.
  • And, if you book a minimum of 10 rooms, you will get 10% discount on each room!!!


- For the just married:

  • Gifts in the room: a bottle of Cava and chocolates or fruit.
  • We will prepare the room in a special way. If the couple’s friends want to surprise them on their wedding night, we will be your allies. For security reasons, it is not allowed to use candles in rooms, but music, electric candles, rose’s petals, flowers, etc. We will make it possible!
  • Breakfast in room.
  • Late check out (See conditions in reception when you make your reservation)



Now, you just have to relax and enjoy the big day and at night, the Alhambra will be the witness of you first night as husband and wife.