Flamenco shows in Granada

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Flamenco shows in Granada

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If you want to see an authentic flamenco show, Granada is the perfect city. You can choose among a show in one of the Sacomonte’s zambras, having dinner in one of the restaurants with flamenco show or visiting one of the charming places that offer flamenco in the Albayzin.


Caves of Sacromonte.

Sacromonte is the birthplace of flamenco and one of the main attractions in Granada. It is an area full of caves where gypsies have been living since the 18th century. From there, you can enjoy an amazing view of the Alhambra, totally different that that you have from the Albayzin.

Some people said that seeing a flamenco show in Sacromonte is an experience that will change your life, so are you going to miss it?


These are the best caves in Sacromonte (in our opinion):

Zambra María La Canastera.

The word “zambra” has its origin in Arabic language and meant “party”. Nowadays, the word refers to a special dance performed by flamenco dancers in special occasions, such as weddings and other celebrations.

Zambra María la Canastera is located in Camino del Sacromonte, 89.

Cueva La Rocío.

It is one of the most famous caves in Sacromonte. Michelle Obama herself fell for the charming people who live and work there.

Cueva La Rocío is located in Camino Sacromonte, 70.

Venta del Gallo.

If you want to have dinner while you are seeing a flamenco show, Venta del Gallo is the best place in Sacromonte. They offer a delicious tapas menu that allows you to enjoy the traditional food made in Granada.

Venta del Gallo is located in Barranco de los Negros, 5.

How to get to Sacromonte. From Plaza Nueva, take bus number C2.

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Flamenco shows in the Albayzin.

Jardines de Zoraya. If you are visiting the Mirador San Nicolás, one of the best places to see a flamenco show in the Albayzin, and where you can have dinner also, is Jardines de Zoraya. There is a nice garden inside where you can have a delicious menu before enjoying a good show.

Jardines de Zoraya is in Calle Panaderos, 32. At 7 minutes walk from the Mirador San Nicolas.


Casa del Arte Flamenco.

If you have spent the whole day in the Alhambra, perhaps you will be tired to go up to Sacromonte but you do not want to give up a good flamenco show. In this case, Casa del Arte Flamenco is perfect for you.It is placed in Plaza Nueva at only 5 minutes from the hotel. Casa del Arte Flamenco is similar to a theatre in which you can explore different flamenco style during one hour.

Casa del Arte is located in Cuesta de Gomérez, 11. Close to Plaza Nueva.

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Most of these shows are one hour long and they usually offer a drink with the price of the ticket.


Special Flamenco shows in summer.

Lorca and Granada in the Gardens of Generalife. 

Every year there is a Festival dedicated to the Spanish poet and writer, Federico García Lorca in the Gardens of Generalife. It is an amazing flamenco show held in the Generalife, the wonderful gardens of the Alhambra. Could there be something more magical that this?

Learn more about Lorca and Granada in the Gardens of Generalife here.

Veranos del Corral.

This old hostel for merchants where showed comedies is known for the different activities presented there during the summer where included Flamenco and jazz.

The Corral del Carbon is located in Calle Mariana Pineda, 8.

If you are interested in some of these shows but you are not able to decide, we will be pleased to help you! Contact to our team via e-mail: info@ladrondeagua.com or via phone: (+34) 958 21 50 40