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The fantastic food culture in Granada is one of the many reasons people flock to this magical city, and the tapas scene in particular is one of the best things about us.

There are bars all over Granada, and incredibly almost all of them offer free tapas with every beverage that you buy. This includes beer, wine and even soft drinks. The dishes are generally small nibbles, are personally selected by the staff, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by something delicious and different every time you place your beverage order.

Many people have tapas for lunch, but they can also be enjoyed for dinner as they are available all day and night.  Tapas are generally eaten standing up - a Spanish tradition. (Seating is usually reserved for those ordering from the main restaurant menu). The Tapas crowd is most often found by the bar or at smaller tables. This leads to a sociable, exciting atmosphere full of people eating and drinking with their friends and families, and you will quickly be made to feel very welcome.

The History of Tapas

The word “tapa” actually comes from the Spanish word “tapar”, which means “to cover”. In the old days, people would use bread or meats to cover their glasses between taking sips of their drink, therefore stopping insects from getting at their sweet wine! Today, most tapas consist of delicious Spanish hams, chorizo, cheeses, a variety of olives, prawns and Tortillas (a small omelet made with potatoes).

Tapas in Spain today have evolved through the inclusion of ingredients from different cultures, and there is a huge variety now served throughout the city. There are virtually dozens of great great tapas bars within easy walking distance of the hotel!

Calle Navas – “The Tapas Street”

Calle Navas is a traditional narrow street in the centre of Granada, just a short ten minute stroll away from our hotel, and is lined with bar after bar. Each of these bars is famous for the tapas they provide, and you can spend an afternoon or evening having a drink in each one to experience the wide range of exciting small dishes offered in this area alone.

There are also some shopping opportunities to be had along this street as well, though you might prefer to just sit outside in the warm Spanish sunshine, enjoying wine and eating tapas while watching the world go by!


Puerta del Carmen, Azador de Castilla, Bodegas Castaneda...

3 of many wonderful Tapas Bars...

These are three of our favorite restaurant/bars, and are within walking distance from each other - not far from The Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and the Plaza Nueva. These unassuming bars get filled with locals, especially at lunchtime, all coming to have tapas. If the locals approve, you know it is going to be a great place to be!

The free tapas offered with every drink are top quality.  The service is fast and efficient, as you would expect from some of the most popular tapas bars in the city.

With or without the complimentary tapas, the drinks are not expensive by any means. A large glass of the house white or red wine is a mere €3 -  an incredibly good value.  These are definitely worth a visit.

Other recommendations

It would take us far too long to list everyone's favorite, personal recommendations – as we all have different tastes. However, our reception team at El Ladron De Agua has lived in the Granada for many years and know all the best places to go to get the best tapas in town. We provide every visitor with a map of the city, and are more than happy to mark this map with our favorite recommendations of places to eat and drink during your stay in our magical city.

Wherever you choose to go for a quick drink, there is little doubt that you will be offered a delicious plate of tapas to enjoy.


Understated Elegance and Comfort

A short walk from Plaza Nueva and the Alhambra.