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Markets in Granada

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Granada’s warm weather and its hidden squares and ancient terraces all lend themselves to open markets with clusters of stalls selling anything from fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, to artisanal gifts and souvenirs. Take a little time to browse and barter with the locals, or find a nearby café and take in the atmosphere!

Top 10 Tapas Bars in Granada

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Granada is without a doubt, a city that has amazing architecture, a rich history and fabulous food which perfectly blends the Arab-Andalusian cuisine. Throughout the city, there is a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers, all at reasonable prices. The flavourings used are a clear sign of the Arab influences in Granada, making the cuisine unique and interesting. Here are a few restaurants which will allow tourists and locals alike to have a taste of Granada’s rich cuisine and traditions.

Granada Local Buses

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Granada City Council has reduced the local buses in the center of the city since 1st July in order to protect the historic area. From now on, there will be only one bus in the city center called LAC.

New Year's Eve in Granada

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The Twelve Grapes to the chimes of the Clock at midnight on New Tears Eve has been a Spanish tradition since 1909. In December that year, some vinegrowers from the Alicante area came up with "The 12 Grapes" as an idea to sell huge amounts of grapes from an excellent harvest.

Traditional Products in Granada II: Taracea

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Taracea is the Islamic art of inlaying different wood combinations (ebony, walnut, mahogany) with bones, ivory or nacre. These materials form geometric patterns. The influence of Al-Andalus culture in Granada made Taracea the most important art in the city. Taracea is used in many objects like chess games, doors, table-tops, jewellery boxes, etc. but the place where you can mostly enjoy Taracea is in the Hall of Ambassadors in the Alhambra.

Traditional Products in Granada I: Fajalauza Pottery

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Granada has been inhabited by humans for 2500 year that is why it is rich in culture and history. In the next few weeks we will posted information about the particular gastronomy and traditional products such as pottery or taracea. This week we will talk about the Granadine traditional pottery as well known as Fajalauza ceramics.

Parks and Gardens in Granada

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Granada is a city of lovely parks and gardens. Highlighted below are the four basic types: jardín real or royal garden; Carmen or villa; patio or courtyard; cueva or cave.