Arabic Baths

A Hammam is a bathhouse which, in the height of its popularity, served not only as public baths and a place of rejuvenation, and also as hosts to business meetings and political liaising.Today, baths are places of tranquility and relaxation, are a combination of the hot and cold dipping pools and offer an optional massage. Their decoration is elaborate as well as functional. For example, there are very thick walls to provide maximum insulation, keeping the cold as well as the heat out during the summer. Small ornate holes give light while ensuring privacy.

Granada is fortunate to have what is considered to be one of the most well-preserved remains of a Hammam, called El Bañuelo.  Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 till 14:00/2pm, entrance is free.

If you want to immerse yourself in a bit of history and relaxation, there are several good options nearby from which to choose. The hotel staff is always happy to help, and you may also pre-book a visit to the Arabic baths before your arrival. Entry usually costs approximately 28 Euros and gives you up to 2 hours in the baths. All bookings are subject to confirmation. Places are limited, so please reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.


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A short walk from Plaza Nueva.

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This 16th century noble house has been skilfully restored into a beautiful hotel with fifteen guestrooms. El Ladron de Agua, meaning "The Water Thief", is taken from the title of a poem by Juan Ramon Jimenez in Olvidos de Granada and is a showcase for local and regional art.

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On his visit to Granada, Juan Ramon Jimenez was taken by Granada's beauty and wrote a poetry collection drawing on his many Grenadine experiences; a collection now housed in the hotel library.

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We spent 4 nights at El Ladron de Agua, and enjoyed almost every minute of our stay there. The hotel's employees were pleasant and helpful. Our room was excellent with a comfortable bed and large bathroom. The downstairs courtyard was designed in a m…

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