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Sacromonte, meaning sacred hill, is at the very top of the valley at the edge of the Albayzin. With stunning views of the Alhambra on the left and the Albayzin on the right, Sacromonte forms the Gitano (Gypsy) quarters of Granada. During the day it is a pleasant stroll to explore the architecture comprised of small, whitewashed buildings and "caves" built into the hillside.

At night Sacromonte awakens with multiple Flamenco bars that truly come alive only when most of the city begins its nightly slumber. To experience Gitano culture in its most raw form, the Flamenco music, song and dance found in these clubs are often completely impromptu as various Flamenco singers, dancers and musicians put together a mosaic of sound and movement that will positively delight you.

The history of the Sacromonte is significant in that its name is derived from the Sacromonte Abbey, which in many respects is central to Granada's transition from Moorish stronghold to its current Catholic identity. The abbey is said to be built over the catacombs of the bones of Saint Cecilio, the patron saint of Granada, and has been key in the propagation, whether fabricated or re-discovered, of the city's pious origins.

Understated Elegance and Comfort

A short walk from Plaza Nueva and the Alhambra.