New Year's Eve in Granada

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New Year's Eve in Granada

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The Twelve Grapes to the chimes of the Clock at midnight on New Tears Eve has been a Spanish tradition since 1909. In December that year, some vinegrowers from the Alicante area came up with "The 12 Grapes" as an idea to sell huge amounts of grapes from an excellent harvest.

Since that time Spanish people have kept up the tradition as a way to celebrate New Year's Eve. On the 31st of December, they wait until 12 p.m. Everybody has to have twelve grapes ready to eat when the clock starts to chime.  In Granada you can take the grapes in Plaza del Carmen at seven minutes only from El Ladron de Agua Hotel.

This one is a special year because we say goodbye to the year of Milenio del Reino de Granada, so everything will be broadcast on Canal Sur (the local TV)